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More about me

Multimedia professional with 5+ years of experience, working in different capacities as writer, producer, director, performer, board operator and stage manager.



Quemocion    |   Pastorela   |   2021  |   María

Action ALZ   |  Alzheimer Prevention   |   2021  |   Judith

Anel Carmona    |   Green Mist   |   2021  |   Intruder

Genine Tillotson    |   The Next Great Hire   |   2018 |   Felicia


ICYM & Perla Ayora   |   Token Inc.   |   2020  

Something from Abroad   |   A Night with the Dead   |   2019   

Something from Abroad   |   Escenarios  |   2018   

Directing & others

Right Angle   |   The Office Musical Parody   |   2021  |   Assistant Stage Manager

Something from Abroad   |   A Night with the Dead   |   2019   |   Director

Something from Abroad   |   Telenovela 101   |   2019   |   Director

Hartbeat Ensemble  |   Pegao   |   2019   |   Stage Manager

about our theater company

Something from Abroad produces material from a variety of cultural backgrounds to bring stories from abroad and give them a voice in today’s America. We are a theater company started by a couple of “broads” from abroad. We are proud to promote art created by women. Our mission is to provide an opportunity for actors from all over the world to perform on a stage in New York. We tell the stories of our people and our struggles as immigrants. We embrace the differences that an international ensemble brings to the table, and we make this diversity our strength.

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